23. lokakuuta 2011

Dancing (and Singing) Through Life

~ LilyLuna's Musical Collection ~
(updated 24.06.2013) 

Moulin Rouge

  • 2 Moulin Rouge-movie tickets (I've actually seen it 4 times in cinemas but the rest of the tickets are lost somewhere)
  • Moulin Rouge-dvd
  • 2 Moulin Rouge-soundtracks


  • RENT: Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • RENT-movie dvd
  • RENT: Filmed Live on Broadway-dvd
  • RENT: Original Broadway Cast Recording
  • RENT: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical
  • RENT-tickets (Aleksanterin teatteri 20.10.2012 & 08.11.2012)
  • RENT-poster (Aleksanterin teatteri-production) 
  • RENT-programme (Aleksanterin teatteri-production)

Mamma Mia!

  • 5 Mamma Mia!-movie tickets (one of them was a screening with a Finnish gay choir Out 'n Loud)
  • Mamma Mia!-movie dvd
  • Mamma Mia!- soundtrack
  • Mamma Mia!-movie flyer
  • Mamma Mia!-musical ticket (International tour, Helsinki 03.06.2007)

The Phantom of the Opera

  • The Phantom of the Opera-movie dvd
  • The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall-screening ticket (Kinopalatsi 26.10.2011)
  • The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall-dvd 

Love Never Dies

  • Love Never Dies-dvd

The Wizard of Oz

  • The Wizard of Oz-movie dvd
  • The Wizard of Oz- soundtrack

La Cage aux Folles

  • La Cage aux Folles-tickets [Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 26.08.2011 (open rehearsals), 08.09.2011, 31.12.2011 & 07.02.2012]
  • La Cage aux Folles-programme (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)

Striking 12

  • Striking 12-ticket (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 07.11.2011)
  • Striking 12-programme (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)
  • Striking 12-post card (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)

Next to Normal

  • Next to Normal-tickets (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 15.04.2011, 30.09.2011 & 08.12.2011)
  • Next to Normal-programme (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)

Kristina från Duvemåla

  • Kristina från Duvemåla-tickets (Svenska Teatern 29.05.2012, 17.09.2012 & 23.05.2013)
  • Kristina från Duvemåla: Den Kompletta Utgåvan-cast recording
  • Kristina från Duvemåla-programme (Svenska Teatern-production)

 Fiddler on the Roof 

    • Fiddler on the Roof-tickets (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 28.08.2012 & 23.04.2013)
    • Fiddler on the Roof-programme (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)

    Les Misérables

      • Les Misérables-movie ticket
      • Les Misérables-soundtrack

      The Rocky Horror Show

      • The Rocky Horror Picture Show-dvd

      Mary Poppins

      • Mary Poppins-soundtrack
      • Mary Poppins-movie dvd

      The Sound of Music 

      • The Sound of Music-soundtrack
      • The Sound of Music-movie dvd 
      • The Sound of Music-LP vinyl


      • Cabaret-movie dvd

      Sweeney Todd

      • Sweeney Todd-movie dvd

      Repo! The Genetic Opera

      • Repo! The Genetic Opera-movie dvd


      • Hair-movie dvd


      • Hairspray-movie dvd 

      Musical theatre tickets

      • Beauty and the Beast (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 23.01.2007)
      • High School Musical (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 02.09.2008)
      • Yökyöpelit (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 10.10.2011)
      • Saturday Night Fever [Peacock-teatteri 2004 (ticket is lost)]

      Musical related events

      • Reeta Vestman: Best of West (Musiikkitalo 14.09.2011)
      • 6Pack on Broadway (Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki 08.11.2011)
      • West End - Broadway-musical concert (Musiikkitalo 27.03.2012)
      • Arenan Aarteet-musical concert (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 14.02.2013 & 22.02.2013)

      Musical related cd's & dvd's

      • Kristin Chenoweth: Let Yourself Go
      • Idina Menzel: I Stand 
      • Idina Menzel: Live Barefoot At The Symphony-dvd
      • Idina Menzel: Live Barefoot At The Symphony-cd

      And last but not least...


      • Wicked-tickets (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 20.09.2010, 30.09.2010, 14.10.2010, 10.11.2010, 08.12.2010, 31.12.2010, 07.02.2011, 10.02.2011, 26.02.2011, 17.03.2011, 24.03.2011, 16.04.2011, 27.04.2011, 04.05.2011, 05.05.2011 & 14.05.2011)

      Photos of Maria: left - screen capture from the trailer ; right - © Lehtikuva / Petra Piitulainen

      • Elphaba's shirt from the first scenes (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production) 

      • Wicked-programme (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production) with autographs from the Finnish cast [on the cover: Maria Ylipää (Elphaba) & the director Hans Berndtsson]

      • Autographs inside the Wicked-programme: Anna-Maija Tuokko (Glinda), Vuokko Hovatta (Nessarose) & Tuukka Leppänen (Fiyero).

      • Autographs inside the Wicked-programme: Antti Lang (Boq), Ursula Salo (Madame Morrible), Heikki Sankari (Doctor Dillamond), Eero Saarinen (The Wizard of Oz), Mikko Vihma (understudy for Doctor Dillamond and The Wizard of Oz, ensemble), Katja Sirkiä (ensemble), Petrus Kähkönen (ensemble), Heidi Naakka (ensemble), Emmi Kangas (understudy for Glinda, ensemble), Tiina Peltonen (understudy for Nessarose, ensemble), Markku Haussila (understudy for Boq, ensemble), Leenamari Unho (understudy for Madame Morrible, ensemble), Elina Silander (ensemble), Saara Aalto (Dorothy, ensemble) & Kirsi Karlenius (ensemble).

      • Wicked: Original Broadway Cast Recording
      • Gregory Maguire: Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West-book (Finnish edition)

      • Wicked-poster (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri-production)

      • 3 Teatteriin-magazines (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri's releases) with Wicked-related articles and advertisements
      • 3 Shiz University "maps" (notice the quotation marks, hehe) that Glinda (Anna-Maija Tuokko) threw from the stage during the shows at Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri

      • Wicked-flyer (Apollo Victoria Theatre-production) 

      • Wicked-shirt (bought from Apollo Victoria Theatre)

      2. lokakuuta 2011

      From Renaissance Faire and Night of Hunters into the Light.

      Because so much has happened during the last week and a half, I'm just going to do one simple entry including short summaries about the three main events that all were... well, perfect.

      Blackmore's Night @ Finlandiatalo 20.09.2011

      The concert was AMAZING - I danced and sang with my medieval garb on like there was no tomorrow. Blackmore's Night is one of my all-time favourite bands and seeing them live is always a huge thing for me. This was my 2nd time and even though the 2008-gig was absolutely splendid, I must say that this show was like a million times better. Why? They played 2,5 hours (!!!!!), I heard 99% of my favourite songs and... *drum rolls* I DANCED WITH RITCHIE AND CANDICE, thanks to mr. Blackmore who PULLED ME TO THE STAGE. So yes, that's me dancing in the video with another fan right in the beginning. That was seriously one of the greatest moments of my life so far and the whole evening was filled with ancient mysteries, magic and love.

      Tori Amos @ Helsingin Jäähalli 28.09.2011

      I was still all hyper about the Blackmore's Night-concert (and my newest addiction RENT) when I realised that "I'm going to see Tori Amos tonight". I guess I wasn't as excited as before her Pori Jazz-gig last year but I still knew that the evening would rock a big time.

      I had heard that Tori tries her best to arrange meet & greets with fans before the shows but I just thought that I'd never get to attend one of those - it seemed like an impossible dream. But, as you can see, I was lucky. Ok, REALLY lucky. I had been hanging out at the Ice Hall since 1 PM and hoping to spot a possible meet & greet somewhere. Well, around 2 PM a couple of other fans that I knew arrived to the venue and we decided to check out the other side of the hall. Suddenly, we spotted more fans standing by a fence, lining up for something. And yes, that 'something' was Tori Amos. Soon we joined the line, all shaking and smiling like hell and waited for our turns. It didn't take long as I was standing in front of a woman that I admire so much. Such a LOVELY lady, I must say! We chatted a while, she gave me her autograph and then we took the photo above. As the meet & greet ended, it finally hit me: I HAD MET TORI AMOS. I mean, wow. Just WOW.

      And the concert... FANTASTIC. Tori played 2 hours and the setlist was so much better than last year in Pori. It was amazing and touching to hear songs like Cruel and Winter, and damn, Tori sounded GOOD in everything she performed. What else can I say? Tori Amos is MAGICAL. I actually met her briefly after the show too because I wasn't in a hurry and decided to check the back entrance once again. There I waited with 10 other fans and it didn't take long as a car stopped right next to us and mrs. Amos jumped out of it with a smile on her face. Fans got their autographs and I got to thank her for the concert.

      Next to Normal @ Studio Pasila 30.09.2011

      On Friday I randomly decided to see the Finnish production of Next to Normal because I got the tickets in half a price. I had seen the musical once before and thought that it was pretty awesome. Anyway, it was a really good idea to go: This time I just didn't 'like' it - I LOVED it. The cast, the story, the music, the choreography, the set... Everything worked together amazingly well! There were also a couple of Wicked-fanclubbers in the audience and it was GREAT to hang out with them. Love ya! After the show I got to meet with Jonna Järnefelt who plays Diana in the play. She was SO SWEET, and because everyone else was taking a photo with her, I decided to take one too. I'm definitely going to see Next to Normal again (the last show at the latest) and I highly recommend the experience for everyone!

       So yes, that's about it. 

      When our long night is done,
      there will be light.